Thursday 9 April 2020

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Kechchimalai Mosque Beruwala

On our second day in Beruwala we had a late lunch at Hilda's Seafood Bar and in the evening we visit Kechchimalai Mosque. This was one of the oldest Mosque's in Sri Lanaka built by the Arab traders in 12th century. The Mosque is situated on top of a rocky hill with a beach on one side and fishing harbor on the other. The Mosque itself was pretty small but the views from up there was really nice. 
Fishing Boat docked at the harbor 

Kechchimalai Mosque Beruwala
Kechchimalai Mosque
Wanted to share with my fellow travelers a few tips to keep in mind while visiting a Mosque:
  • Remove your hat,shoes and sunglasses before entering 
  • Be respectful do not speak inside and keep your phone on silent 
  • When you sit do not point your feet in the direction of the shrine 
  • Dress appropriately and women should cover their head 
  • Photography is permitted ( in most ) but not during prayer time 
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The harbor opens out into the sea
Beruwala Travel Blog
Vendors by the mosque 
Vendor selling all kinds of chips 
There was prayers happening when we reached the mosque so we explored the grounds around the mosque. The views were really nice from up here, highly recommend carrying a tele-lens to get close up shots of the colorful fishing boats docked in the harbor. 
Kechchimalai Mosque Beruwala
Beruwala Harbor at golden hour 
St.Anne's Church 
On our way back to our Airbnb we stopped by St.Anne's Church; it was a Sunday and we had missed to attend mass. The church was old and had a really nice altar, we spent 15 minutes praying inside before heading back. Next up .... one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen in my life. Stay Tuned !


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