Sunday 5 April 2020

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Beruwala Day 2

Second day in Beruwala started with a beautiful morning walk by the beach. The sky was blue and the sea was green dotted with fishing boats by the horizon. I spotted a lone fisherman who was venturing out onto the rocks to cast bait, at one point I got him in my frame along with Lighthouse Island in the background.
Vacation in Paradise Sri Lanka
Swing by the beach at Amuura Villa 
 Fisherman and  Barberyn Lighthouse
Sri Lanka Beach
Vanbug at the beach 
Barberyn Lighthouse
Barberyn Lighthouse
Modelling Sri Lanka
Taking in that fresh air 

Sea Urchin Sri Lanak
I caught a Sea Urchin and it was alive !
The fisherman in the picture saw me taking his snap and wanted to see it; I showed him the photos and this was my reward. He took a spiny sea urchin from his basket and put it on my palm; it had a spiny chalky texture. And then it moved ! I almost dropped Mr.Spiny.
Dog lover Beruwala
Neeti is a dog lover and she had a blast petting this guy; me ... I stayed away clicking pictures
For lunch we went to Hilda's Seafood Shack, it came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We had a Seafood Salad, Golden Jumbo Shrimp and a seafood  fried rice that had a generous portion of crab meat. The food was tasty, service was excellent and we were sitting less than 50 meters from a beach. Highly recommend Hilda's for a sundowner. 
Hilda's Seafood Shack
Lunch at Hilda's Beach Shack 
After a heavy lunch and siesta we went to see the Kechchimalai Mosque ..... coming up 

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