Friday 3 April 2020

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Beruwala

After spending new years in Bentota we were off to Beruwla, Beruwala is a beautiful beach town 90 kilometers from Colombo; the name "Beruwala" translates to Where Sails Are Lowered in the local Sinhalese language. Since we were already in Bentota it took us about 20 minutes by auto rickshaw to get to our Airbnb in Beruwala.
Coconut Arrack Mojito 
Barberyn Island 
We stayed at Amuura Beach House a beautiful 5 bedroom villa with the most incredible view; from our balcony we could see the beach and lighthouse Island in the background. Amuura was one of the most amazing places I have stayed in my life and it had to do with the view, the atmosphere and the people that run the place.
Airbnb Sri Lanka
Our Cozy Room at Amuura 
Caught some lovely sunsets from that lounger 
Decor at Amuura Beach House 
We got the best room in the house! The Sea View Suite. The room was big and airy with a high ceiling and two balconies on either side. One facing the garden and the other facing the beach with the view of Lighthouse Island. There was one little catch to this place; the house was built with sustainability in mind and so there is only one common bath. The rooms don’t come with attached toilet; also there is no AC but you won’t miss it as the sea breeze will cool the room down after sun down. 
volkswagen van
Shades of Green and Blue 
The room at Amuura Beach House was about 70 USD and that includes breakfast; it  was a healthy breakfast of fresh cut fruits, homemade bread & jams, coconut sambol and juice. The villa is run by a German mother daughter trio Clair, Paulina & Carlotta. They were very hands on in the running of the villa and were super friendly.
That's my dream dining room !
Colombo Food Blog
Happy Healthy Breakfast 
It’s in Amuura that I discovered coconut arrack; they made a mojito version that was killer. Safe to say that we had many coconut arrack mojits. It has a very similar flavor profile to coconut fenny but I prefer the arrack any day. Distilled from the sap of the coconut flower; arrack has been the favorite choice of locals for ages. I was surprise to find very refined versions of this popular spirit a the duty free. Some of the famous ones are Cylon Arrack & Old Reserve" by Aybrook & Mason
Coconut Arrack Sri Lanka
Arrack by the beach, in our room, while watching the sunset 
Sri Lanka Food Blog
Living room at Amuura 

Sri Lankan Kitchen
The Kitchen at Amuura 
Airbnb Beruwala
Around the Airbnb
We did not leave the villa the first day, spent the entire day exploring the villa and surrounding beach. Watching the sun set behind lighthouse island is a pretty amazing sight. More on Beruwalala on the next post ...... stay tuned !


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