Saturday 21 November 2015

Hong Kong Though my LG G4

The best camera is what you have with you all the time; this is so true when you have a LG G4 as your daily driver. I was in Hong Kong recently and I got myself the G4 for half of what it would have cost me back in India. I knew the G4 had a nice camera but I could not believe the pictures I was getting from this lil guy. 

This is the shot that blew me away ! 0.5 sec aperture ISO 150 (the phone was balanced on a beer can to eliminate any camera shake) 
LG G4 Camera Review
Hong Kong Ferris Wheel 
Now for some handheld night shots (please note that I have edited the colours and eliminated noise in the below night photos)
Hong Kong Skyline LG G4
Hong Kong Skyline 
Opera House 
The G4 has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) which really helps in low light 
Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
View of the Skyline From Victoria Harbour waterfront
My Fuji Xe-2 hard at work  
Phone balanced on the beer can again 
The G4 performs really well at night for a phone camera . Take a look at some shots taken during day time.

Lan Kwai Fong

LGG4 Camera Test

I have been using the LG G4 for about 2 months now and very happy with it. One of the major drawbacks of its predecessor the G3 was the battery back up and I was expecting similar problems with the the G4 but the battery life is suprisigly good considering the phone has a crisp quad HD screen. The only drawback is the Video ! the OIS acts really crazy in vido mode which gives the videos a wobbley effect.


On our third day in Koh Smaui we shifted from Le Meridian to Zazen Boutique Resort. This was the grand finale of our honeymoon, luxurious private beach bungalows rite next to the water. 
Zazen Boutique Resort Koh Samui
We got dropped off in this beautiful thatched roof structure 
Hotel Reception -The Zen experience begins here 
The rooms and restaurant area is hidden behind thick tropical garden 
Zazen Spa
The Bar 
Zazen Resort Koh Samui
The Restaurant had a very romantic atmosphere at night with candle lit tables and amazing food 
ZaZen Koh Samui Honeymoon
The Lounge Area 
Honeymoon in Zazen Koh Samui
Bottle of bubbly and white swans to welcome us to our beach bungalow  
Inside the beach front deluxe bungalow
Enjoying the beach view 
View from inside the room 
Zazen at night
Tom Yum , Red Curry and Prawn Tempura at Zazen Restaurant 

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Ten Thousand Galloping Horses

Beautiful art installation that I came across last month at the Hong Kong International Airport called Ten Thousand Galloping Horses, United with One. The installation takes inspiration from the famous painting by renowned artist Xu called Six Galloping Horses. Over 10,000 young people made paper mache horses and painted them in various designs; some of them were chose to be displayed at with the large fibreglass models 
Ten Thousand Galloping Horses United with One

Art installation Hong Kong Airport

Galloping Horses Hong Kong Airport

6 Galloping Horses by Xu

Hong Kong Airport Horse Art

Saturday 14 November 2015


We were on the second leg of our honeymoon making our way to the island paradise of Koh Samui. Like any other popular tourist destination direct flights to Koh Samui were really expensive so we decided to take the long but cheaper route by sea. The plan was to take a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani then take a ferry to Koh Samui. We landed in Surat Thani airport in the morning and there were plenty of bus services taking people to DonSak from where you catch the ferry to Koh Smaui.  
Surat Thani Ferry, Koh Samui Ferry
Breakfast at the Docks 
We reached the docks after a 2 hour bus ride through tropical forests, small villages and really bumpy roads. The journey was quiet tiring and if you do get reasonably priced tickets from Bangkok to Koh Samui , TAKE IT ! 
Koh Samui Ferry
Beautiful Scenery along the way  
Koh Samui Ferry,Surat Thani Beach
Unlike the bus, the ferry ride was a lot of fun, the ferry as such was nothing fancy; vehicles at the bottom deck and seating at the top deck and the roof.The best part of the ride was the scenery; endless blue waters, clear sky and small islands with the tips of Buddhist temples breaking out from the trees.
Koh Samui Honeymoon ,Thailand Honeymoon Planning

Koh Samui Blue Waters
Turquoise Waters
Koh Samui Ferry
Killing Time on the Ferry
le meridian koh samui
Refreshing Hibiscus Juice to Welcome us to La Meridian  
Pool Villa le meridian koh samui
View from our Pool Villa 
We were in Koh Samui for 4 days so we decided to split our stay at stay to 2 hotels - Le Meridian and Zazen Boutique Hotel.
On reaching Le Meridian, we were pleasantly welcomed with very friendly staff and an intereting Hibiscus drink. We stayed at the pool villa which was a a lovely villa.  The resort is perfect for a honeymoon with pan Asian style room and a big bath with a jacuzzi big enough for 2. The room was not beach facing but they do have a lovely infinity pool with the view of the beach. 
le meridian koh samui Review
Pool Channels by the room and the restaurant with a amazing view of the beach
le meridian koh samui bathroom

le meridian koh samui

Honeymoon in le meridian koh samui

The resort is located in the popular Lamai beach and there are plenty of beach side shacks and bars to check out . We chose to stay at Lamai as we were told it is less crowded and more laid back as compared to the other beached and there was  a sense of privacy compared to Chaweng.
Lamai Beach Koh Samui

le meridian koh samui beach
We spent the day relaxing at the beach and chilling at the pool. There were some shacks by the beach serving up chilled beers and cocktails very close to the resort. The resort had a really nice restaurant and we mostly ate continental food there. For authentic Thai food we visited the smaller family run restaurants where the good was really good and really spicy 

Lamai is nice for a quiet relaxing time during the day, but if you wanna party and really have fun then Chaweng is where you need to go. The  night life in Chaweng revolves around the famous green mango strip which is filled with bars, clubs and stripclubs.

Chaweng Night life

Chaweng Club. Chaweng Nightlife

We left the club at about 3:00 am and the party was still going on full swing. After getting back to the hotel we went for a midnight beach walk. The night ended with fireworks on the beach and we both got a body massage done watching the fireworks. 

fireworks at the beach koh samui