Saturday 7 August 2021

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Beruwala Sunset

Watching the golden orb dip below the gentle waves is a sight to behold. On our last day in Beruwala we were blessed with one of the most mesmerizing sunsets we had ever witnessed; A magical sunset that completed our holiday, a perfect end to a perfect day in paradise.
Barberyn Island Lighthouse
Barberyn Island Lighthouse in the background
The following day took us to the final destination of our holiday, Galle. We had taken a risk by staying at an Airbnb instead of a typical beach resort; And oh, boy! Was it rewarding? The community experience that Amuura offered was something we could never have experienced at a luxury resort. From dining with a couple from Switzerland to having breakfast with a family from Australia, it truly was a unique and enriching experience.
Sri Lanka Photography
Picture perfect 
We spent that evening at the beach taking in Beruwala sunset one last time. Next day we were off to Galle for the final leg of our Sir Lankan adventure. 
Beruwala Travel Blog
Our little beach 
Barberyn Island Lighthouse

He kept us company when ever  we  at the beach

Golden Light 


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