Sunday 15 March 2020

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Colombo

Sri Lanka Holiday Guide


We landed in sunny Colombo after a short one and half hour flight from Bangalore. The immigration process was straightforward and its even more easier for Indian nationals. Heading out of the airport we were able to book an Uber to get us to our Airbnb in Colombo. The ride from the airport to city center took as about 45 minutes, it may take longer depending on traffic. Our Itinerary  for this trip was to spend the first night exploring Colombo and then head to Bentota to spend New Years with friends. After new years our friends would travel back to their respective homes and Neeti and myself would further explore Beruwala and Galle on our own.  

Trip Itinerary 

  • Day 1 - Explore Colombo 
  • Day 2 & 3 - Bentota 
  • Day 4 & 5 - Beruwala
  • Day 6 & 7 Galle 
  • Day 8 - Colombo 
  • Day 9 - Return to Bangalore 
Airbnb in Colombo
ASCOTLOFT-Signature of an architect


From the airport we directly went to the Airbnb, we chose a architects home ASCOTLOFT-Signature of an architect (not listed on Airbnb anymore) and the place was gorgeous ! We had booked all 3 rooms for one night at 150 USD. Our friends had already arrived from Cochin and was checked in. We spent some time at the house catching up and then headed to the city for lunch. Zomato was a blessing in finding places to eat and drink in Sri Lanka. 
Colombo Holiday
Minimalist interiors of our Airbnb

Bombay Sapphire Gin
Honestly we did not feel like leaving the apartment 

Fuji X-T4
Love at first sight, my friends Fuji X-T2

Lion Beer Food Blog
Picked up some local Lion Beer & Bombay Sapphire from the supermarket near by (Liquor is cheaper than India)

Lunch At Alexandra and Ward 

The restaurant came highly recommended and is located in the The Promenade at ODEL. Everyone was in the mood for sushi so we sat down at the Nihonbashi lounge. The restaurant has 2 other sections; ORO 1889 service yummy authentic wood fired Italian pizza and Fashion cafe that has a dairy-free healthy menu. 
Sushi in Colombo
Salmon Temaki & Tuna Sashimi 

Nihonbashi Restaurant Colombo
Salmon Avocado Maki & Gyudon Beef Bowl 

Lunch At Alexandra and Ward
The crust was smoky and delicious ; the cheese and ham used in the pizza was excellent 

We tried the Salmon Temaki and it was really nice with crunchy sea weed cones and fresh salmon, its a must try. Next we tried the Salmon and Tuna Sashimi and this was also good. This was followed by Salmon Avacodo Maki and Gyudon Beef Bowl another must try . The Italian parma ham pizza was also good, we were really impressed with the food at 
 Nihonbashi lounge. 
Lunch At Alexandra and Ward
This will catch your eye;a giant birdcage inside the restaurant 
Sri Lanka Holiday
Gelato after a yummy lunch
After lunch we took a Uber back to our Airbnb for some much needed rest. Next post Night Out in Colombo 

Airport TIP: I could could not find any decent restaurant outside the arrival gate, make sure you eat inside the airport if you are hungry. The trip from airport to city would be around 32 KM and would take you anywhere between 45 minutest to an hour depending on traffic.  


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