Friday 20 March 2020

A Sri Lankan Holiday - Bentota

We reached Bentota after a 2 hour drive from Colombo, the ride was scenic; we passed by fishing villages, small sea side towns and costal roads. More of our friends had joined us at the Airbnb in Bentota. We had booked a lovely 4 bed room pool villa surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Bentota is a beautiful sea side town known for its beaches and beautiful laid back atmosphere. We stayed in Bentota for 3 nights including New Year’s Eve before all went our separate ways. Neeti and I continued our journey to Beruala and then Galle before heading back to Bangalore. 
Bentota Beach
Surf Boards for rent at Bentota beach 
Airbnb Bentota
Airbnb in Bentota 
Our Airbnb in Sri Lanka
I could not find the same house listed on Airbnb anymore but you can get a Pool villa from 160 USD
The house had a lovely balcony facing the pool and this is where we hung out most of the time. Mornings were spent inside the swimming pool or playing volley ball/ cricket in the huge lawn back door. In the evening we would headed to the beach to swim and watch the sunset. The Airbnb owner hooked us up with a  cook who made delicious authentic Sri Lankan food. He charged us15 USD per day plus supplies for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our ex-chef made some really delicious local treats ! The highlights were egg hoppers for breakfast, pepper crab for lunch and prawn curry for dinner. 
Sinhalese food

Menu from Day One
  • Sri Lankan Deviled Potatoes 
  • Spicy Chicken Curry 
  • Veg Pulao
  • Steamed Beans 
  • Yellow Lentil Curry 
  • Stir-fried Spinach 
Bentota Villa for rent
Tropical Pool Villa 

Luxury Resort Bentota
Resort by Bentota Beach 
Tips for Visiting Bentota:
  • Distance from Colombo is roughly 100km and google maps will tell you it takes 1 hr 30 min. But it takes more depending on traffic and some of the roads are narrow so that adds to the time. We hired a minivan to take us from Colombo to Bentota for 60 USD approx. If you are travelling as solo or as a couple its worth  taking the train which is cheaper and faster
  • Bentota is a popular holiday destination so there are many luxury resorts. But we really enjoyed the Airbnb experience, especially if you are travelling in a big group a resort won’t give you the same privacy like a villa.
  • Rent scooters and explore the surrounds. Some recommendations:
    • Brief Garden by Bevis – Home and garden of famous landscape architect Bevis Bawa
    • Bentota Turtle Hatchery
    • Galapata Raja Temple – 16th Century Buddhist Temple 
  • Moragalla is a good spot if you want the entire beach to yourself 
mangrove forest in bentota
Mangroves by Bentota Beach 

Before coming to Sri Lanka I had the notion that it is just like my home state of Kerala, but its so different in so many ways. Sri Lanka really did surprise me and I will be going back to explore more. 

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