Friday 2 June 2017

Exploring Shanghai - Xintiandi

Nested between the French Concession Area and Nanjing Road; Xintiandi is a beautiful upscale neighborhood in Shanghai famous for its vibrant nightlife and high end shopping. The name Xintiandi literally translates to “New World” and the area certainly does live up to its name. The streets of Xintiandi are lined with old Shikumen style brick buildings which gives the place  a unique character. 
Streets of Xintiandi in Shanghai CHINA
Maple Trees and Brick buildings of Xintiandi
Shikumen style buildings started appearing in Shanghai in the mid 1800's combining both western and Chinese architecture. It was during the Taiping Rebellion when civil war broke out in China; all the ministers, businessmen and people of power moved to the concession area to escape the war.
Xintiandi Travel Blog
Location of the first Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
I had visited Xintiandi a couple of times before but always in the night,if you are on a business trip its usually the place clients take you out for a drink on a Friday night. This time around I went there on a cloudy Saturday morning, the weather was chilly and there were hardly any people around. I spent around 2 hour walking around the old historic lanes and visiting the Shikumen Museum. 
Xintiandi Travel Blog
Renovated Shikumen lane in Xintiandi
Shikumen Architecture
Shikumen translated to "stone gate" 
Xintaindi must be experienced both during the day and night; you can explore the Shikumen buildings, shop at the high end boutiques and try some fine food at award wining restaurants during the day and at night hit up one of the many bars and cocktail lounges for a fun night out. 
Shanghai Night Life
Greyhound Cafe 
A boutique that sells high end ceramics 
Alleyways of  Xintiandi 
Had lunch at Glasshouse , good food and not that expensive 

Places to Eat

  • Glasshouse - reasonably priced 
  • Din Tian Fung for yummy dumping 
  • Paulaner for beer and sausages 
al fresco dining at Paulaners Pub
Green & Safe - very cool grocery store 
Places to see near Xintiandi
  • The Bund - best view of the Shanghai skyline 
  • Yu Garden - ancient Chinese garden 
  • East Nanjing Road 
  • Jing'an Temple 

Travel Tips
  • Best way to get here is my the subway as roads can get clogged with traffic 
  • After 2:00 am its very difficult to get  a cab and also they usually charge you double 


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