Friday 9 June 2017

Explore Shanghai - M50 Moganshan Lu Art District

 M50 Moganshan Lu Art District
50 Moganshan Creative Complex
M50 Creative Park is a contemporary art district tucked away in the old Industrial area in Shanghai. The park is home to about 100 artists whose work range from pottery, oil painting, sculpturing and wood work. Abandoned warehouses and factory buildings have been converted to modern studios for the artists to work and reside in. With over 100 gallery's and art studios open to the public it has become quite a popular destination for both local and international visitors. 
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Wedding Ride 
This beautiful Rolls was parked on Moganshan road and it looked striking against the colourful street graffiti and I could not resist taking a photo.
Bridge over Suzhou Creek very close to the park 
The name M50 comes from the road that leads to park called Moganshan Road. The creative park was originally a textile mill called  Chunming Slub Mill, in 2000 local artist's began to move into the abandoned factory warehouses as the rents were cheap and they were able to set up workshops and studios.
Shanghai M50 Art District

Street Graffiti Shanghai

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M50 is a very interesting place to visit but getting here is not easy, the closest metro station to the park is Zhongtan Road Station. From the station its a 20 minute walk to the park, it took me about 2 hours to reach the park from Pudong. 
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Shanghai Street Art
Moganshan Road leading up the Art District is filled with graffiti, the walls and buildings are completely covered with colourful street art by local artists.
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 M50 Moganshan Lu Art District

 M50 Moganshan Lu Art District
My favourite place inside of M50 was this restaurant filled with antique artefacts, they had a lot of interesting gadgets from the world wars but the prices were through the roof. I recommend visiting the place for the food, I had prawn dumplings, Fried  rice,  stir fry beef for lunch and it was yummy !

If you are into Art then you will enjoy M40, but if you have not checked off the customary sights like the Bund, Yu Garden, Jingan Temple etc. I would suggest covering them first, it took me about half a day to go to M50 and get back to my hotel and honestly I was not very impressed. Also note that most of the galleries dont allow photos or videography inside the gallery's. 

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