Monday 12 January 2015


Qutb Shahi Tomb complex is located close to the Golkomda Fort in Hyderabad and it is the largest Necropolis in India. The Tombs were built to bury and pay tribute to the late Sultans of the Qutb Shahi Empire .These monolithic structures have stood the test of time and reminds us of a forgotten past.

qutub shahi tombs
Tomb of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shahi
On my trip to Hyderanad I first visited the popular Golkonda Fort and it was definitely worth the visit but it did not captivate me as much as the Qutb Shahi Tombs. From a photographers perspective beautiful Mughal architecture, larger than life tomb structures and frames without tourists are the perfect recipe for a beautiful photo.
qutub shahi tombs hyderabad
Tomb of Hayati Bakshi Begum

qutub shahi tombs hyderabad
The best time to visit the site would be around 3 in the afternoon. It would take you 2 to 3 hours to see all the structures and explore the grounds. You could also visit in the morning as soon as the complex opens .I suggest evening because the big buildings look beautiful in the evening sun. Be warned, the summers in Hyderabad can get super warm.

  • Tripod Friendly
  • Take an ultra wide angle lens to cover the massive structures 

Warning !

Not sure how safe it is for a female traveller to explore the grounds alone , when I went there were hardly any people around.

qutub shahi tombs hyderabad


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