Sunday 18 January 2015


Hessarghatta lies about 30 KM from Bangalore City and it is probably the last surviving grasslands in Bangalore. Its amazing how the scenery changes once you reach Hessarghatta, beautiful grasslands, blue sky and patches of trees on the horizon. We did a road trip to Hessarghatta last summer, although the weather was hot we had a amazing trip.


The vast grasslands provide hunting grounds for birds of prey and with a nice tele-lens you can get some awesome bird photos .If you love photography , you can spend an entire day taking pictures of the landscape, sunset at the lake , birds etc.


Our Native Village is a small eco resort in Hessarghatta and we ended up going there for lunch and to take shelter from the hot summer sun .The food was nice and they have a decent wine bar .The resort has a very rustic ambiance and it beautifully done up .The service was excellent and I highly recommend the place to anyone visiting Hessarghatta.The other famous resort in Hessarghatta is the Taj Kuteeram which was big disappointment ! they had a very disgusting looking expensive buffet and very very rude staff !!!

Our Native Village Resort Bangalore
Our Native Village Resort Bangalore

Things to do in Hessarghatta
  • Photograph birds of prey in action
  • Take landscape photos
  • Visit  nrityagram (Closed on Mondays )
  • Chill out in Our Native Village resort

Things not to do
  • Please dont litter , its really sad to see the beautiful landscape littred with beer bottles , plastic waste etc
  • DONT visit Taj Kuteeram , the place sucks .Bad service , bad food , rude staff , expensive

Trip Itinerary
  • Left at 10:30 am from Whitefield and we reached by 12
  • Drove around the grass lands
  • Went to Taj Kuteeram for lunch as it was really hot , the place sucked so we walked out
  •  Went to Our Native Village , had lunch and chilled there till about 4
  • Explored the grasslands
  • Started our journey back at 6

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