Friday 20 October 2017

Visiting Singapore Zoo With My Sony RX100

The Singapore Zoo was built in 1973 in the Mandai rain forest lands and it covers an area of 26 hectares . The Zoo houses over 315 species of animals, some of them being on the endangered list. But what makes Singapore Zoo so popular is the way the animals are taken care off. Unlike other Zoo's the animals are Not caged up, they live in naturalistic open environments where they are free to run around. It takes almost an entire day to see all of the exhibits and shows so I opted out of the shows and just stuck to the normal zoo tour.  I was in Singapore for work so I was only carrying my Sony RX100 M1. The camera did not disappoint ! the zoom lens had pretty good reach and sensor performed extremely well in low light. Here are some of the photos I shot during my visit.
This Polar Bear's fur was not soo white 
Fresh Water Sting Rays From Indonesia 
There were many tiny waterfalls
Me posing next to old Land Rover
Gharial Narrow snout croc from India
Trying long exposures with the little Sony balanced on a rock

Green Canopy 
Babirus Enclosure
Fun fact Babirusa means Pig Deer in Malay language
You can see the lower tusks that pierce through the flesh and come out  the snout
Arapaima huge carnivorous fish found in the Amazon
This little guy was soo scared of the fish 
At first I though it was a snake
Had a tough time capturing this tiny hopping kangaroo 
Tree Kangroo, never knew they existed 
Pygmy Tribals
Pygmy Village
The Baboon Exclosure
Getting up close with the Baboons 
More Pygmy people 
Get ready for a  lot of walking ! 
My favourite pic from the trip 
The Orangutan enclosure high up on the tree tops 
Zebras !
Timon from Lion King 
This was one intense looking lizard !
Zoo Grounds 
Tiny little funky monkey

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