Thursday 24 August 2017

Memories of Hampi - Achyuta Raya Temple

Achyuta Raya Temple

One of the most marvellous temples in Hampi the Achyuta Raya temple was built around 1534 AD during the reign of Achyuta Raya. This temple is a true representation of the Vijayanagara style of architecture with intricate sculptures. The temple is dedicated to Lord Tiruvengalanatha who is another form of Lord Vishnu. Like most structures in Hampi the Temple was destroyed by the marauding armies form the north.
Achyuta Raya Temple Hampi
Achyuta Raya Temple Gate 
Temple Gates Achyuta Raya Temple
Beautiful Vijayanagara Architecture 
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Inner Gopuram of the Temple 
Achyuta Raya Temple
Ruins of the ancient gates 
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Hampi Sunset 
Hampi Temples
Temple on Matanga Hill
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Beautiful Pillar Carvings 
Ruins of Achyuta Raya Temple 
In front of Achyuta Raya Temple is the courtesans street where merchants from all over the world came to trade. The street is roughly 1 Kilometre long and 50 meters wide with small cubical pillars 
Courtesans Street Hampi
Courtesans Street
Landscape of Hampi
Typical Hampi Landscape 


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