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Kadalekalu Ganesha

Is a giant Lord Ganesha Statue carved out of a huge boulder on the north eastern slopes of Hemakuta hill. The belly of Ganesha resembles a Chickpea hence the name Kadalekalu which translates to Chickpea in local language. The statue is 15 feet tall and is one of the biggest sculptures in Hampi . The statue is enclosed within a sanctum made with tall slender rock pillars. The pillars have beautiful stone carvings which are quiet beautiful.
Kadalekalu Ganesha Hampi
Kadalekalu Ganesha
Hampi Travel Blog
Kadalekalu Ganesha with Virupaksha Temple in the background
Boulders of Hampi
Small Temple build among the boulders of Hampi 

Sasivekalu Ganesha

Sasivekalu translates to Mustard seed which is what the shape of Ganesh's tummy is compared to. Ganesha the Elephant God was the son of Lord Shiv (God of Destruction) and Goddess Parvathi. He was very well knowns for consuming large quantities of food, once he ate soo much food that His tummy was about to burst. Ganesh caught a cobra and tied it around his wait to prevent his stomach from bursting. If you look carefully you can see the sanke tied abround Ganesha tummy in the below picture. 
Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple Hampi
Sasivekalu Ganesha

Muhammadan Tomb

These are Tomb and Grave structures built in typical "BAHAMANI" style architecture.  When you enter Hampi from Hospet this is one of the first ruins that you pass by . Not many people stop to see the tomb complex but is is definitely work a visit. 

Muhammadan Tomb Hampi
Beautiful Mohommadan Tomb in Kadiramapura

Mohommadan Daragh 

Hampi Travel Blog

Muhammadan Tomb Hampi

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