Friday, 7 June 2019

First Day in Japan - Akita Prefecture

Akita is located in the Northern part of Honshu, Japans Main Island. It’s well known for long snowy winters, hot springs (Onsen) and sake. Last time I checked Akita was ranked seventh in the snowiest cities in the world! Wish I knew that before going there the middle of winter. In ancient times Akita was occupied by nomadic tribes who lived in the mountains hunting and gathering. Now days Akita is a well known tourist spot famous for the Samurai Village and beautiful cherry blossom. 
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Akita City Center
I landed in Akita after the longest flight of my life! I remember waking up totally dazed as the aircraft touched down at the airport. Looking out of the window I could just see white, everything was covered in snow. The Akita airport was small and they didn’t have an air bridge, I was a frozen icicle by the time I got inside the airport. Travel 101 keep warm clothes in you carry on!
Japan Snow Winter
Way to office
Around the office

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Singapore Photography Spots - Central Fire Station

Hill Street is one of the hidden gems of Singapore, I came across Hill Street on my way to Fort Canning Park and spent half a day exploring the heritage buildings of this old neighborhood. This place had something for everyone, for the Architecture lovers there is the colorful Hill Street Police Station, the Central Fire Station and the Armenian Church; for the Nature lover you have the historic Fort Canning Park and for the foodies you have many restaurants to choose from in Clarke Quay. 
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Central Fire Station
The Central Fire Station is a beautiful heritage building in the old part of Singapore built in the year 1909; it’s the oldest fire station in the country. Back in the day, buildings were made of wood and attap (palm leaves); these flammable construction material combined with the close proximity of buildings resulted in a series of dangerous fires. This was a big problem for the British Command; the fire department back then consisted of volunteers, soldier’s and convicts who were ill trained and ill equipped to handle big fires. A more professional fire department was establish in 1888 called Singapore Fire Brigade with the first station in Cross Street.