Sunday, 27 October 2019

Tubingen, Germany

Tubingen is one of the oldest town’s in Germany and is also home to the prestigious Eberhard Karls University built in 1477. The university is one of the top ranked in the country in medicine, law and theology and hence most of the population of the town consist of young students. Tubingen was the first town I visited in Europe and so it holds a very special place in my heart. This university town is about 2 hours by high speed train from Frankfurt in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, South Germany and definitely worth visiting if you have the time.
Tubingen Germany
Postcard From Tubingen
During the war most of the heritage buildings in Germany were destroyed in bombing raids but Tubingen was spared as it dint have any Industry and there were a lot of hospitals in the vicinity. The beautiful old architecture and cobble stone streets really takes you back in time. One of the main sights in Tubingen is from the bridge over Neckar River, a small island with tall old trees on one side and a row of colorful historic houses called Neckarfront on the other. This is the most photographed location in the whole of Tubingen and is also printed on many postcards. During the summer months they have music concerts and food festivals on Neckar Island.
Neckar River Germany
Traditional Stocherkahn
The Stocherkahn are traditional flat bottom boats used to navigate through shallow waters. During summer you can hire these boats and take a trip across the old city and Neckar island. I even saw a big family picnic on one of these wooden boats and it looked like a lot of fun. You can rent the entire boat seating 16 passengers for 50 euro per hour. 
Favorite Spot in Town
I visited Tubingen in the month of October and the weather was perfect. The best part of this season are the Autumn leaves; trees changing color from green to varying shades of  yellow, orange and red. The below photo was shot on Neckar Island and you can see the difference in the share of leaves on the tree and on the ground.
Germany in Autumn
Autumn Leaves on Neckr Island
Colors of Autumn
Sunset Over Neckar River
Old Row Houses

I love this quaint little town and highly recommend first time travelers to Germany to check  it out. Since a lot of students live here most of them know English and I did not face any issues exploring the old town. Also super safe place, I have been out at really odd times at night with my tripod and camera. Since my first trip in October 2017 I have been to Tubingen about 6 times and all work trips. Seen all seasons and explored every corner of this place. More posts on Tubingen coming soon. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

First Day in Japan - Akita Prefecture

Akita is located in the Northern part of Honshu, Japans Main Island. It’s well known for long snowy winters, hot springs (Onsen) and sake. Last time I checked Akita was ranked seventh in the snowiest cities in the world! Wish I knew that before going there the middle of winter. In ancient times Akita was occupied by nomadic tribes who lived in the mountains hunting and gathering. Now days Akita is a well known tourist spot famous for the Samurai Village and beautiful cherry blossom. 
Japan Travel Blog
Akita City Center
I landed in Akita after the longest flight of my life! I remember waking up totally dazed as the aircraft touched down at the airport. Looking out of the window I could just see white, everything was covered in snow. The Akita airport was small and they didn’t have an air bridge, I was a frozen icicle by the time I got inside the airport. Travel 101 keep warm clothes in you carry on!
Japan Snow Winter
Way to office
Around the office

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Singapore Photography Spots - Central Fire Station

Hill Street is one of the hidden gems of Singapore, I came across Hill Street on my way to Fort Canning Park and spent half a day exploring the heritage buildings of this old neighborhood. This place had something for everyone, for the Architecture lovers there is the colorful Hill Street Police Station, the Central Fire Station and the Armenian Church; for the Nature lover you have the historic Fort Canning Park and for the foodies you have many restaurants to choose from in Clarke Quay. 
Singapore Travel Blog
Central Fire Station
The Central Fire Station is a beautiful heritage building in the old part of Singapore built in the year 1909; it’s the oldest fire station in the country. Back in the day, buildings were made of wood and attap (palm leaves); these flammable construction material combined with the close proximity of buildings resulted in a series of dangerous fires. This was a big problem for the British Command; the fire department back then consisted of volunteers, soldier’s and convicts who were ill trained and ill equipped to handle big fires. A more professional fire department was establish in 1888 called Singapore Fire Brigade with the first station in Cross Street.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cube Cars of Japan

On my trip to Japan I came across many tiny cars shaped like cubes called K-Cars . These tiny cubes were everywhere, driven by young teens, business men and older folks alike. The Kei  Car or K-Car is category of smaller vehicles in Japan which are extremely popular as they are excepted  from The requirement to certify if adequate parking is available for the vehicle. Because of these exceptions the Kei-class of cars is very popular is Japan.

Suzuki Sting Ray
Suzuki Lapin
Honda N One
Suzuki Lapin Side Profile
Daihatsu Terios
Not K-Car but could not help posting this  Subaru WRX

All Photos taken with Sony RX100