Saturday, 20 January 2018

Singapore Photography Spots - Fort Canning Park

Continuing the series on photography spots in Singapore my next post is on a beautiful park I stumbled across while exploring Clarke Quay. Fort Canning Park plays a very important role in the history of Singapore, in ancient times the hill was occupied by the Malay Kings who built a palace and several political buildings. Later during the colonial period, Singapore was occupied by the British who set up their headquarters on the hill. Due to its elevation it was the perfect vantage point to counter any attacks on Singapore Harbour. The British fortified the hill in the year 1962 and built their command centre, army barrack's and a hospital. The fort was overrun during the Second World War when Singapore was invaded by the Japanese.
Fort Canning Park in IR 

The park is 18 hectares in size and is a goldmine for landscape photographers, the old fort ruins against the evergreen flora account for some stunning visuals ! Make sure you are armed with a  wild  lens and a telephoto, plenty of exotics birds around. If you its your lucky day you might stumble across a monitor lizard or two, but they are pretty harmless so nothing to worry about. 
Gateway of the Old Fort 
Fort Canning Park 
Massive 9 poud cannons 
The Fort grounds were converted to a park in 1972 
Old British Barracks converted to a Art Center  

MRT Stops 

  • Fort Canning Station (Exit B)
  • Clarke Quay Station (Exit E take the pedestrian bridge along River Valley Road)
  • Dhoby Ghaut Station (Exit B cross Penang Road, turn left and keep a lookout for the tunnel leading to Fort Canning Park)


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