St. Mary’s Island is a small group of islands off the cost of Malpe beach in Udupi, Karnataka , India . The island is also known was Coconut Islands and is a geological monument because of the formation of columnar basaltic lava which gives the rock a unique geometric shape.

Mangalore Beach , Kaup Beach

A 30 minute ferry ride from Malpe harbour over choppy waters will get you to the island.The ferry operates between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and accommodates 30 persons per trip. Malpe is in Mangalore district of Karnataka and is well connected to Bangalore , plenty of overnight buses and trains to Manglaore .

Mangalore Beach , Kaup Beach

Recommendation : Best time to go would be just before sunset , take the last boat to the Island .I happened to go at 3 in the afternoon and its was really really warm. Take a tripod and ND filter , its a paradise for long exposure photography .

Mangalore Beach , Kaup Beach

You can also visit up Kaup beach, which is famous for a 100 ft high lighthouse which is built on top of a rocky hillock. The view from the top is breathtaking, never ending coastline coved with coconut trees and small patches of sandy beaches

Kaup Beach Lighthouse

Mangalore Beach , Kaup Beach

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